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Ceramic drill bits

Ceramic drill bits

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  • Ceramic Nail Drill Bit 3/32" 
  • Ideal for acrylic, gel, dipping powder removal and sealing. 
  • Heat dissipation ( no burns while using correctly) 
  • for professional use only 
  • 3 coarseness to choose from:
  1. XF- extra fine/ideal to remove clear top coat before gel removal and to buff acrylic nails to smooth the plate before applying clear top coat. 
  2. C- coarse/ ideal to remove material and file nails length. Its rounded Safety top protects the cuticle from cuts or abrasions. 
  3. XC- extra coarse/ removes the toughest materials as acrylic, poligel, construction gel and/or builder gels. Safety rounded tip prevents cuts and abrasions around the cuticle area. 

punta de cerámica 3/32”

se puede utilizar sobre gel y  acrílico 

su material ayuda a disipar el calor producido por la fricción, por lo que evita sensación de quemadura cuando es utilizada correctamente. 

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