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AHA Super Hydration kit (frizzy hair)

AHA Super Hydration kit (frizzy hair)

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Free of parabens, sulfate and mineral oils. Made with Collagen, Castor oil, Argan oil, Shea butter and Flaxseed. Moisturize, hydrates and deep cleans the hair to eliminate frizz. 
This value pack contains:

1x12oz shampoo

1x 12oz hair mask 

1x 4oz thermal protector 

1x  1oz shine spray 

kit libre de parabenos, sulfatos y aceites minerales. Hecho a base de colageno, aceite de castor, aceite de argan, carité y linaza. Hidrata y restaura humedad para eliminar el encrespado o “ frizz”

cada kit incluye:

12oz shampoo, 12 oz mascarilla, 4oz protector térmico y 1oz gota de brillo. 

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